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UMASHANKAR ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE:Transforming Nursing Education in Odisha

UMASHANKAR ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, located in Nabarangapur, Odisha, is a pioneering institution in the field of Nursing education. Established in 2021, the college aims to provide comprehensive and high-quality education to aspiring Nursing professionals. Under the visionary leadership of its Director and Founder, Kshetra Mohan Chaini, the academy is committed to shaping competent and compassionate nurses who will contribute to the healthcare sector.

Director/Founder: Kshetra Mohan Chaini, a revered figure in the field of medical education, is the driving force behind the UMASHANKAR ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Mr. Chaini envisioned a college that would train and nurture talented Nursing professionals who could make a positive impact on society.

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B.Sc Nursing is a graduate-level course in Nursing and covers all the important aspects of Nursing.

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing is a post graduate level course for nurses who plan to specialize in Nursing &

Scholarship Scheme

We acknowledge that grants & Scholarships are important resources for collegestudents seeking to make ends meet. So, the students can avail the following scholarship schemes:

1] Kshetra Mohan Chaini scholarship is awarded every year for the students exhibiting the greatest levels of academic excellence at college level.
2] Students with high academic performance in the university examinations are motivated to apply for this scholarship…and many more.

Expert Staff

Need based counseling services are provided to the students by professionally qualified psychologist. Appropriate guidance and motivation is provided at varied times throughout the year for academic as well as overall aptitude development of the students to manage distress and improve well being.

Hostel Facilities

The college has sincere, dedicated and hard working faculty with team of senior professionals, highly qualified with long years of teaching and clinical experience and with deep professional knowledge.

They encourage and help young students both in classrooms and clinical settings to overcome the professional challenges successfully. They are ever ready to reach out, help and guide the students along the road to success.